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Affordable, quality service.

You can feel assured that you are hiring a quality cabinetry finishing company at a price that won't cause you a headache.

Simple and straightforward pricing structure.

You can get your quotes out quickly to your clients with our clear pricing structure.

Fast turnaround.

Instead of waiting the standard three to five weeks, we provide you with a fast turnaround so you can complete your project quicker while maintaining exceptional quality.

Enhance your projects with quality cabinetry finishing.

As a contractor, you may be struggling to find a reliable and high-quality cabinetry finishing service that meets your project requirements. This can result in delays, compromised quality, and customer dissatisfaction.

At Ottawa's Best, we provide professional cabinetry finishing services for your needs. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, our team of experienced professionals will efficiently handle all aspects of cabinetry finishing, saving you valuable time and resources. We use industrial coatings that exceed KCMA standards, elevating the overall appeal and value of your project. Experience the difference of our professional cabinetry finishing services in Ottawa.

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Cabinetry finish in Ottawa

"Andrew did a great job refinishing our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We were under a tight deadline and he ensured the work was done on time. I have no problem recommending Ottawa's Best Cabinet Refinishing Company to others looking for quality work."

Don W. via Facebook
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Do you just need your doors painted?

We offer preferred unit pricing if you just require your cabinet doors or some other pieces painted. Contact us today for more information.

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Elevate your project with cabinetry finishing.

The final touch of a new kitchen is often the most time-consuming and unpredictable aspect of the project. However, you can rely on us to handle this for your clients. Our goal is to mitigate the stress and delays that arise from unreliable finishing work.

Blue and white cabinets that have been refinished in Ottawa.

We understand that each project is unique, and we offer a wide range of customizable finishes to suit your cabinet styles and design preferences. Having assisted many general contractors with their custom cabinets, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering consistent, quality results and establishing a long-term partnership based on trust and satisfaction.

Cabinets refinished with quartz countertops in Ottawa

Our expertise includes:

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Refacing

Custom Finishes and Detailing

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"We recently had Ottawa's Best complete our kitchen cabinet refinishing project. The service and communication from the proposal stage to the project completion was excellent. All the work was completed on time and budget. Adam and Jessica competed the work and we are very happy with the quality of the workmanship. We would highly recommend OBCR to anyone who is considering cabinet refinishing. 5 stars ⭐️... great people throughout the organization."

Murray M. via Facebook
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Heighten your home improvement or renovation services with exceptional cabinetry finishing.

Are you a general contractor looking to level up your projects? Our quality cabinetry finishes will provide the finishing touch you are looking for.

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